Pallet distribution: Palletways


Pallet distribution is the most cost effective and environmentally efficient form of moving and managing ambient freight in the UK and Europe. Reliability is influenced by network capacity, infrastructure investment and the quality of transport and logistics members.

Walkers is a 3PL specialist located in Leeds and Manchester. A member of Palletways, Walkers operate one of four UK ‘super’ hubs (Leeds, Edinburgh, London and Lichfield) which service and connect 350+ transport and logistics members.

The Walkers / Palletways Northern UK Hub provides Walkers customers with significant advantages:

  • Later collections
  • Direct booking straight in to a "super" hub
  • Less handling of freight
  • Significant transport and logistics efficiencies
  • Cost savings
  • Additional flexibility in transport planning and 3PL solutions

Walkers UK Northern Hub - gateway to rest of UK, Ireland and Europe



Walkers collect locally for their customers and then move freight between ‘super’ UK hubs for local Palletways members to deliver. In this way nearly 11m pallets are collected and delivered annually across 22+ countries.

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