Pallet delivery frequently asked questions

+ What size Pallets can I send?
You can send either a quarter pallet, half pallet or full pallet to any destination across the UK, Ireland or Europe. Pallets are measured by size and weight. To see your pallet options, please download the Pallet Sizes Guide.
+ Can I check delivery status on-line?
Your consignment is assigned a barcode, which travels with is for the duration of its transit. Whenever your goods enter or leave one of our depots, its status is scanned. Our in-cab technology then allows us to track your goods during their journey. For more information, see the track and trace page.
+ What time will my delivery arrive?
When you book your pallet onto our on-line booking system, you can choose from a number of services, which will determine how quickly your consignment will arrive at its destination. You can also track your delivery on-line in real-time using our track and trace technology.
+ Do you deliver to every European destination?
If you need your goods to arrive at an unusual destination, just give us a call. No matter how far off the beaten track, we'll do what we can to get it delivered for you. See our full list of destinations.
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