KPI management in pallet delivery and collection


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are crucial to understanding the overall performance of transport and logistics. At Walkers, we operate to YOUR specific KPIs.

Typically these include financial metrics (cost of pallet collection and delivery, returns, damages, inventory shortfalls, fuel, freight forwarding …), operational metrics (timing of movements, standing, use of warehouse space …), quality metrics (related to customer service, retrieval, track and trace …), time metrics (accuracy of collection, departure, arrival, opportunities to remove handling…) and environmental metrics.

We continually monitor, analyse and routinely report ordering and supply trends and make suggestions about efficiency improvements.

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Warehouse managers get analysis to share with transport / commercial colleagues

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We can help you save time

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We can help you make efficiencies systematically

What to expect:

  • Scheduled KPI reporting to your unique business needs
  • Categorised incidents
  • Collection and deliveries analysed
  • Cost improvement analysis
  • Analytical downloads and trend analysis
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