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How to know when you need a new transport company


When choosing a transport company to outsource your logistics you need to be sure they will deliver the service ... Read More

Transport management KPIs - what should you look for?


How do you measure transport management efficiency and KPIs when you have already optimised your programme and ... Read More

Road haulage - what does the future of the industry look like?


"There are big changes in the mix - including double-shifting of vehicles."

Nearly all of the food we eat, most of our clothes, and almost everything we use to build and furnish ... Read More

Pallet delivery: Manchester to Monte Carlo


Typically, a pallet containing ambient goods Read More

Why out of stock kills customer loyalty and how to fix it


Congratulations. You've got a product. You've sold it. Or perhaps you've taken a deposit. Now, you need to deliver it to the end user and get paid in full. It sounds simple, right? Well, not ... Read More

5 signs it’s time to change your transport company


Whether logistics lies at the core of your business or is confined to your supply chain, its importance cannot be overestimated. In a fast-paced, global marketplace, the ability to Read More

3 common issues for transport companies and how to overcome them


Transport companies need to overcome a number of challenges in order to make certain that goods get from A to B - both in excellent condition and at the right time.

From macro-forces ... Read More

An interview with the new MD of UK transport company Walkers


In February, Richard Simpson took the helm as Group Managing Director of one of the UK’s fastest growing transport management ... Read More

4 benefits of outsourcing transport management


Getting your product to market is key for any consignee and can impact profitability and competitiveness. Therefore, companies are faced with a tough decision over how to Read More

Pallet delivery: Manchester to Montrose


Typically a pallet containing ambient goods collected in Manchester and delivered next day to a customer in Montrose, could be handled up to nine times. With good routing and a super-efficient ... Read More

Taking transport management to the next level


Transport management is all about improving delivery performance, reducing freight cost, realising operational efficiencies and driving retained profitability. For some organisations, transport ... Read More

10 examples of good and bad pallet freight packing


In 2012, Slate magazine published an article entitled: Read More

Pallet delivery: How goods get from Leeds to London


Typically, a pallet containing ambient goods collected in Leeds and delivered next day to a customer in ... Read More

Logistics management that enables superior customer service


Logistics management is the practical, hands-on part of the supply chain where goods are transported ... Read More

How can transport companies meet different client needs?


In the business of palletised freight transportation, how do you satisfy the very different needs of both warehouse and sales managers?

We ... Read More

The dangers of commoditisation in pallet transport and logistics


For some Global Shippers and Consignees (GSCs), pallet transport and logistics is all about commoditisation (i.e. - the cost is all important).

However, while "economy" services have ... Read More

Pallet track and trace - what's new?


Track and trace can mean different things to different people. But what are the advantages of the leading solutions available today in moving goods from A to B?

Leading pallet track ... Read More

How to choose a transport company


When choosing a transport company to manage and move your goods, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. You will be dependent on them, to ensure your goods arrive on time and in pristine ... Read More

Pallet care - 5 ways to reduce damage during haulage


Pallet care is the number one priority for all palletised goods transport companies. If good are damaged, not only is time lost and deadlines missed but, in the worst case scenario, staff ... Read More

Overtaking on the M11 to be banned for HGVs


It has been announced that the Highways Agency will be introducing a permanent ban within the next 12 months, which will no longer allow HGV’s to overtake on the M11. The motorway is one of ... Read More

The History of Warehouses


At Walkers, our warehouses are an essential part of our operation. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the business that we have developed to date.  Our Read More

2 Percent Rise in Costs for Truck Operation


Last November, the Road Haulage Association announced that the overall cost for operating a truck had rose by 2% in 2014. This was discovered through the Cost ... Read More

National Pothole Day Launches in the UK


The 15th of January will now mark an important day for all drivers around the country, with the launch of the UK’S first ever National Pothole Day. At this time of the year, roads across the UK are ridden ... Read More

UK Speed Limit To Be Increased In April 2015


Now that we’ve welcomed 2015, drivers at Walkers are looking forward to the new speed limits which will be introduced later this year. Last year, it was announced that the speed limit on dual carriageways for lorries was going ... Read More

Road Infrastructure Improvement Plans Welcomed


The government recently announced plans to invest £15 billion into UK roads. This announcement was met with caution by the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and the British International Freight Association (BIFA), who questioned ... Read More

Operator Shortage in the UK


With so many lorries and operator vehicles on UK roads, one wouldn’t think there was a shortage of drivers in the haulage industry. Now that the festive season is upon us, there has been a rise in concerns over the high demand ... Read More

Self-Driving Lorries Technology


With autonomous driving becoming a hot topic in the motoring industry, in particular the launch of Google’s self-driving car which, simply put has been a remarkable success so far. The haulage ... Read More

RHA Appoint Richard Burnett as new Chief Executive


‘The Road Haulage Association Ltd (RHA) is a British trade association which represents members of road haulage industry, together with allied businesses.’ Being an association for over fifty years they provide advice, ... Read More

The Future of Trucks on Our Roads!


There have been many concept trucks released over recent months all showing sleek new cab designs, plush interiors and advance technology. This technology improves road safety and the driver’s ability to drive long journeys in ... Read More